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Story of The Cutesy Place

Hi! My name is Mina, I'm a self-taught designer and designing is my place of zen.

In March 2020, England went into the Covid19 lockdown. Weddings got postponed and brides & grooms were left with the task of telling their guests that their wedding is no longer two weeks away, but either cancelled or postponed for a few months/a year.

During lockdown to keep myself busy, I began to use my creativity to help people and to bring a little bit of positivity during a strange time. I ended up helping over 100 couples for free by designing their 'Change the Date' cards and got a little feature for it too!

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I've enjoyed designing so much, I want to share more of it with everyone - so here we are, at The Cutesy Place.

My shop is full of things that I love and design. My aim is to add colour and positivity to your day! 

I hope you find something you're looking for, and if not - please feel free to message me via the Contact page for custom orders!


Thank you for visiting The Cutesy Place.

Wedding stationery, home decor, greeting cards, gifts and more!

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